How do you feel?.

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Which Illustration represents how you feel.?

Life is good. It is smooth and fun. There is a good feeling all around. The bulb energy feels bright

Life is not as smooth, not as much fun.  There are upset feelings. The bulb energy feels not as bright.

Life is tedious, it seems like work. Dealing with aches and pains, taking pills daily. The bulb energy feels dim.

Life feels like a drag.  There are constant symptoms, nothing works.  It is scary.  The bulb energy feels absent.

An illustration of Dr. Masters treatment restoring your energy, reducing your symptoms.

Life is a drag,

Until someone suggests Dr. Master’ new SEREM® treatment and the Free First Visit.

Feel the difference after each treatment.  The return of the “life is good” feeling has been described as “just awesome.”

Feel the difference  with Dr. Ron Masters’ SEREM® treatment.

The SEREM® treatment melds the best of Chiropractic with the best of Acupuncture without the discomfort of the spinal adjustment or the discomfort of acupuncture needles.

Try it Free on the first visit.

Call Now: 641-421-1116,  -  Toll Free 877-659-1116 and make and appointment for your Free First Visit.

There is no obligation to become a patient.

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How do you feel?

Life’s energy can be compared to the energy that runs a light bulb.  When the light bulb energy is low the light bulb is dim.  The lower the energy the dimmer the bulb.  The same way with the energy you experience in life, the lower the energy the greater the symptoms and the dimmer life seems. (see below)  There is an answer, the new SEREM® treatment.  


The new SEREM® treatment is a gentle non-forceful treatment that restores the body’s energy balance eliminates or reduces symptoms and is easy as flipping the light switch.

Are you ready to feel good?

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