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One Visit Relief
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Why do folks who have not been able to find help elsewhere receive results from SEREM®?


The SEREM® treatment approaches pain and symptoms differently and more inclusively than other treatment programs.  The SEREM® treatment addresses pain and symptoms from the inside of the body rather than the outside of the body. By that I mean the SEREM® treatment goes to the core of the symptom, which is energy, and balances the symptom energy while other approaches address pain or symptoms by masking them, altering the body response or removing them surgically. Both approaches work but the body’s response to the SEREM® treatment is to neutralize the cause of the pain or symptom.


 SEREM® is so  effective because it melds the best of Chiropractic with the best of Acupuncture without the discomfort of the spinal adjustment or the discomfort of acupuncture needles.

One Visit Relief

Migraine headache

stopped instantly.

Female, mid-thirties, working. Migraine headaches since preteen years include light and noise sensitivity, frequent eye pain, some nausea.   ... SEREM® during migraine stopped it immediately.  Since care, no frequency or nausea.  Case # 2411


Stomach pain, headaches reduced on the first visit.

Female, seventies, retired. Pain in Stomach radiates,   tired all of the time, headaches, dizziness, “nothing helps; pain is constant.”    This new treatment gave her a ”new life“.  Her pain is gone and no longer so fatigued. Case # 1802



Fatigue - pains and  multiple symptoms all eliminated.         

Severe Fatigue, pain in her arm and hand, dull headache, dizziness, nervous.. Female, mid-forties, employed ... After SEREM® care she is Free to work and enjoy life without pain. Case # 3512


Has every patient that has consulted with me using SEREM® Chiropractic become well?

No.  Has every patient that has consulted with me responded to State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic while they were in my office?  Yes.  I have yet to find a symptom that does not respond to State Energy Remedy® Chiropractic care.  Why then don’t they all get well?  There are many factors to a person’s health.  To name a few, there is cost, time, belief, peer pressure, social pressure, life-style and others too numerous to mention.  When folks understand that they are responsible for their own well-being and they allow the body energy to balance, the results are very impressive.

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