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This country is spending $2.5 TRILLION  dollars per year on health care, yet we don’t even rank in the top 10 healthiest countries in the world  So why is that?  


One of the reasons may be the top healthiest countries are open to the benefits of Alternative Healthcare treatments that many times are more effective and less costly than conventional care.  


This country is not open to many effective alternative treatments and It’s not because our doctors are unconcerned about their patient’s well being, because they are concerned.  It is no longer because there is organized opposition toward treatments doctors don’t understand.  It is the result of the refusal of health insurance companies, ERISA plans and  Medicare to pay for many of these effective alternative  treatments.


There is another reason that isn’t quite as apparent as the refusal of third party payers to pay for alternative care even though alternative care has many times been proven more effective and less costly.  The other less apparent reason is that many people will not pay for their own healthcare.  We have come to expect someone else to be responsible for the cost of our care.  Because of this we have given insurance companies and government bureaucrats the right to tell us what care we can have.


Some suffering people feel the joy of SEREM®’s symptom relief during the our first free visit but choose not to accept care because we don’t accept assignment from insurance companies or Medicare.


Our care does not qualify for Medicare because the gentle non-forceful treatment we use does not qualify as a chiropractic spinal adjustment, the only thing Medicare will pay for in a chiropractor’s office.


Private insurance companies reimburse for our care, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and BCBS of Illinois, but Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa has decided not to reimburse for our care.


We therefore cannot accept any third party payments and still continue to serve in the manner that is so effective at relieving pain and symptoms.  The ones that suffer are the ones who can’t afford to pay for their own healthcare in order to feel the joy of being symptom free.


We do give an insurance acceptable receipt to our patients at each visit so those that have insurance companies that reimburse can get paid.  Many times the cost of care with SEREM® Chiropractic is less than the deductible and co-pay required for other healthcare procedures which may be less effective, such as surgery or long term medication.


Recognizing the decisions a patient has to make we offer a Free First Visit with no obligation to become a patient so those suffering may try the gentle non-forceful SEREM® treatment and experience the joy of freedom from pain and symptoms.

True Cost of Health

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Actual cost of health care that many times is not as effective as alternative care.


$7,681 average per person National health spending, published in the journal Health Affairs.


In 2007, 90% of seniors and 58% of non-elderly adults rely on a prescription medicine on a regular basis.


Americans are spending more than ever on their monthly premiums while simultaneously being forced to pay higher out-of-pocket costs as a result of rising deductibles, co-payments, and other cost sharing mechanisms.

Total out-of-pocket costs per person (including costs of health care used and premium) have increased by 45 percent from an average of $5,008 in 2001 to $7,280 in 2006.


A middle-income family with individual coverage spends on average 22 percent of household income on health care – and some spend up to 50%


It is important to each individual to make sure they are spending their healthcare dollar on the most cost effective care, in many cases that is SEREM® Chiropractic. So that you may feel the effectiveness of our care we offer you the First Visit Free.  We do this so you may feel the joy of the freedom from pain or symptoms at no cost nor obligation to you. Take advantage of this FREE VISIT Offer Today.


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